Ole Martin Wold


The origins for my passion about photography is, for me, not very hard to place. Allready before i was 10, when going hiking in the Norwegian mountains, my father lent me one of his old Nikons. He explained to me the basics of apertures and shuttertimes and then just let me loose. This was the very beginning of an life-fullfilling hobby, and later on a profession.

As my father is a photographer I got into the ”thing” for capturing the moment at an early age. And I feel i can agree to the statement my dad often uses about his own work, ”I am capturing with my lens what the ordinary eye can not see”.
This is also what I do feel about my own work. As my own work is of an documentaristic art, I enjoy being the observer, paying close attention to details, see situations unfold in my head before they actually do -reposition, and then wait for the magic to take place.
Ringside, of course.

I really like the ”snappy” feeling of a photo, a portrait, promo, album cover or whatever style it may be. Even if it´s not. When i do photography that does not qualify for photojournalism, I try to remain true to my style of ”snappyness”, capturing a moment of the unexpected.
If my subject never really noticed I was there, I have succeded.